Liberia Validates BPFA Report - Creates National Awareness

Liberia Validates BPFA Report - Creates National Awareness

The Ministry of Gender & Children Social Protection MGSCP, with support from UN Women has completed One Day Workshop to create National Awareness and Validated the Beijing Platform for Action BPFA Report.
In 1995, unprecedentedly 17,000 participants and 30,000 activists streamed into Beijing for the opening of the Fourth World Conference on Women in September 1995.
Two weeks of political debate followed, heated at times, as representatives of 189 governments signed out commitments that were historic in scope. Thirty thousand non - governmental activists attended a parallel Forum and kept the pressure on, networking, lobbying and training a global media spotlight. By the time the conference closed, it had produced the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the most progressive blueprint ever for advancing women rights.
As a defining framework for change, the Platform for Action made comprehensive commitments under 12 critical areas of concern. Even 20 years later, it remains a powerful source of guidance and inspiration.
The aim of the National Awareness on this landmark document is intended to advance the right of women and Gender Equality.

In his opening statement to the participants, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Liberia, His Excellency Yacoub El Hillo, said it is crucial to engage all stakeholders and carry on validation awareness in support of Women Rights, including their active participation with men in the society.

He emphasized the need that the awareness sensitized men and youth on issues related to gender equality.

For her part in a special statement, Gender Minister Wilhelmina Piso Saydee Tarr, said its important to stage the National Awareness to validate the Beijing Platform for action BPFA to get women involved, knowing their rights and share out equally with men in every aspect of the society.

Advancing gender equality is essential to the Governments plan to grow middle class, which will strengthen Liberia Economy. She said that is why the Government of Liberia is working through the Gender Ministry and its partners with support from the UN Women to ensure that its policies, programs, legislation and decision making benefit everyone by using the Gender - based analysis plus GBA plus, she said.
According to her, the GBA plus is a tool that takes into consideration the many identity factors that impact Liberia experiences, including sex and gender, race, national or ethnic indignity, age orientation, socio -economic condition, among other things.
Also speaking in remark, Swedish Ambassador to Liberia Ingrid Wettergvist said the validation of the Beijing Platform for Action BPFA is an important effort. She encouraged women to be generous to one another as they bid in an effort to compete with each other because of the limited position or opportunities for Women. She also stressed the importance of the role of men in helping women achieve their goals of promoting and enhancing women participation in the society.
For his part in short remark, ECOWAS Ambassador to Liberia and Special Representative of the ECOWAS Commission, Babatunde Ajisomo, pledged the ECOWAS support to the National Awareness and Validation of the Beijing Platform for Action BPFA Report.

The Awareness will enable the documentation of contributions, accomplishments and best practices of the stakeholders. Validation of the collected and shared quantitative data with regard to womens economic empowerment programs, capacity building and advocacy activities, political participation and representation, gender-responsive budgeting, community mobilizations, strengthening and institutionalization of womens groups, documentation of human rights violations among others.

Information gathered will help increase womens access to resources and livelihood, increase skills to both women and men, improve knowledge on resource mobilization and participation in governance, environmental sustainability, engagement of women and girls in risk assessment, analysis and planning.

The one day Validation National awareness of the Beijing platform for Action BPFA was held at the Mamba Point Hotel.

Writes : Emmanuel wise Jipoh