Two Die In Violent Clash!

As Zogos & Residents Clash on Pipeline Road

Things went loosed early Sunday morning at the Red light Pipeline Road in Paynesville when criminals stabbed a man identified as Johnson Flomo to death on his way to church.
According to report criminals attacked Flomo for his back-bag and mobile phone he had on him when he disembarked a bus from Johnsonville and was about to get on motorbike to church service.
According to some eyewitness Mr. Flomo refusal to turn his phone and other valuable materials to the zogos, resulted into tussles between him and the criminals, one of who stabbed Flomo to death with a sharp instrument.
Onlookers told our reporter that people witnessed the zogos and the late Flomo tussling but they were afraid of reproach from the zogos.
An eyewitness account told our reporter that following the stabbing to death of the late Flomo, angry crowd immediately grouped and went on the rampage into communities and started destroying the criminal hideouts and market stalls that were built along the eve of the main Pipeline Road, at which time, according to eyewitness account, one alleged zogo (criminal) was killed.
According to unconfirmed report the remains of the late Flomo was taken to a local clinic in Paynesville.
Some of the angry residents who spoke to our reporter said that the Government of President George Weah is encouraging Zogos to attack residents for their properties and cause mayhem against peaceful citizens and walk with impunity.
Augustine Flomo said, “President George Weah has not been able to pay salaries of those who are working in his Government for the past three months but was able to pay the zogos five thousands Liberian Dollars to support their bad habit in the name of celebrating with them for the 172 Independence.
He said the residents would not relent to go after those zogos until they are totally removed from the red-light community.
Also speaking was ma Howa Kollie who called on the Liberian Government through the Liberia National Police to deploy overnight security. According to her most of the Zogos would retune overnight and attack them if police are not deployed with in their community.
It can be recalled that the office of the President doled out five thousand (5000LD) to each person believed to be drug addicts in Monrovia. Some residents of the Pipeline Community seriously frowned at President’s Weah financial donation to wayward youth who could rather use the money to support their bad habit and cause more mayhem in the communities.
However, this is not the first time for such a violent clash occurring between criminals and residents in the Red-light vicinity. It can be recalled in 2006 when residents of Red Light and its environs moved on common criminal and killed about eight and burned down their hideouts.
With this new development, what action will the government of President Weah take to find everlasting solution to this social menace? Well, we can only hope for the best.