Local NGO Embarks On Big Agriculture Project In Margibi

A local nongovernmental organization

Agricultural Research Consortium’ (ARC) has embarked on what appears to be a big agriculture project in the provincial city of Kakata, Margibi County. The local aid agency has harvested over 38 plots of rice which is principally intended to improve food security in Liberia, especially during these challenging moments of the Liberian history. Speaking during the harvest of the ARC rice Project on the farm, Monday December 31 2018 in Kakata, Mr. Henry Nyumah, who is the soil annalist of the entity said following intense investment into the soil, it was important for them to reap the needy benefit from their investment . According to him, the rice production was intended to enhance the productivity of local farmers on how to use improve agronomy practices. He said the process of broadcasting rice by the local farmers is not economical; indicating that with the technical training provided by ARC staff to the local
farmers has the ability to produce rice more than two times a year. Mr. Nyumah further disclosed that some of the soils are not good for rice production in Liberia. He said many Liberians have perceived that all of the soils are good for rice production a perception that he has disprove relating to the technical prospective. He told our reporter that the soil is also natural resources that can be depleted like other natural resources such as gold, diamond among others. The ARC soil analyst also disclosed that the soil of which they are carried out their agricultural project was confronted with some soil deficiency, a situation that prompted them to apply more organic maters to enrich the soil . According to him, fertilizer is more expensive for the farmers to purchase , stressing that they as agricultural researchers encourage the local farmers to use the organic matter of which is economical. Also speaking was ARC Project Coordinator Emmanuel Pope said the rice production project is the organization way of given back to Liberia
following their studies from various universities around the world obtaining their masters in agriculture. For his part, the Executive Director of Agricultural Research Consortium David Taigbaillee expressed gratitude to the farmers who work along with them to achieve such progress in their efforts to improve food security . Mr. Taigbaillee also called on the Liberian government to support those local organizations that are involved in training local farmers as means of improving the country’s food security . According to him, Liberia has professionals who are willing to work in partnership with the Liberian Government to produce more food on the Liberian market if given the needy support . Writes Washington Watson