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Man Cuts off Wife’s Ear on Accusation of Witchcraft

- Man Cuts off Wife’s Ear on Accusation of Witchcraft
Report reaching Women voices says the Grand Bassa detachment of the Liberian National Police has arrested and sent to court a man for cutting off his wife’s ear, on claims that she constantly changes to animal, our Grand Bassa County Correspondent Said.
According to our Correspondent, the Liberia National Police (LNP) has arrested a man identified as James Saah, who happens to be the fiancée to Victim Annie Kermue, whose Ear was allegedly cut off.
Our reporter said, James Saah apparently used a cutlass to chop off the right ear of his wife, Annie Kermue, while she was asleep hours after a fistfight that ensued between them.
Kermue told police investigators that the fight between them occurred after she refused to move out of their home on Saah’s order. He had accused her of being witchcraft and constantly changing into animals and eating up their rice farm.
“While I was sleeping, I noticed that my ear [was] cut off from my whole body by my husband,” Kermue told police at the Liberia Agriculture Company Hospital, where she is currently being treated for the injuries. “I fought hard, but I could not do anything to save myself. He chopped all over my body with a sharp cutlass.”
She also sustained other injuries on several parts of her body. The incident took place at Berber camp in the Liberia Agriculture Company concession area District # 4 in Grand Bassa, where the couple lived.
Kermue said she felt severely weak and dropped to the ground immediately after the incident. Her cries attracted the attention of community dwellers, who discovered her in a pool of blood.
Her husband escaped the scene and went into the bush. He was arrested by police days after he went into hiding.
Saah has since admitted to committing the crime, but said it was a reaction to the victim constantly beating him.
He said he had meant to attack her while she slept to leave a mark on her so that she can remember it. He also admitted to accusing his wife of changing into animals and eating up their rice farm.
Saah has been charged with aggravated assault and attempt to commit murder. He is currently incarcerated and awaiting trial.