Mano River Women Conference Concludes

Adopts Resolution for Decent Language On Media

Mano River Women Conference Concludes
- Adopts Resolution for Decent Language On Media
The Manor River Women Conference has concluded with a Resolution to formulate a committee comprising of the Young women Christian Association of Liberia (YWCA) as chair, Womenvoices Newspaper as Secretary, the Rural Women, the National Traditional Council of Chief of Elders of Liberia, Women in Peace Building, among others, to write a communication to the National Legislature and the Press Union of Liberia about the issue of abusive languages some Liberian journalist use on media.
The Committee was organized as a result of testimonies that some Liberian Journalists use abusive languages on the media, something the women conference considers unacceptable but is a common practice in Liberia.
The Women Committee vowed to take their message to the Government through their resolution, noting that abusing women is a violation of their rights
The Liberia Crusader For Peace in collaboration with its partners with support from the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has ended a one day intensive Mano River Women Stakeholders Conference in commemoration of the 2019, National KUKATURNON Peace Festival in Kakata Margibi County on August 18, 2019.
During the conference the Executive Director of the Liberia Crusader for Peace and Liberia Traditional Queen Juli Endee who deliberated on the objective of the 20119 National KUKATURNON Peace Festival especially the women conference, indicated that the conference was one of the components intended for women to deliberate on critical national issues that are affecting women with in the Mano River region that included Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote D’Ivoir and the host Liberia.
“When things work out for us we forget the people who help us, we stated the KUKATURNON 18 years ago, it was a woman, Mrs. Setta Saah, who worked along to establish the Mano River KUTURNON that is now in all of the countries in the Mano River region,” she indicated.
The Culture Ambassador further said they never had money to fully support their vision so they engaged the Carter Center for support through its then Head of Mission, Mr. Pewee Folmoku who crafted a document during one of the women’s conference that made it possible to have the Mano River women conference as part of the peace KUKATURNON in four Mano River Countries.
According to her Liberia selected the month of August for the conference as a means of showing to the world that the 14 years’ war ended on August 18.
She lamented that during the 14 years civil war lives and properties were destroyed indicating that Liberia is now enjoying 16 years of peace noting that Liberians are saying we want peace no more war.
Madam Endee further said the Liberia Mano River KUKATURNON (we are one peace) Festival can commenced with the Muslim Community with a special thanksgiving service for the 16 years Uninterrupted Peace and the Women Conference ends with a national thanksgiving service on the 18 of August.
She further said during the women conference, women will share ideas on cross border trade, gender violence, the role and responsibility of the traditional women in the Mano River to inform the public on any information that has the propensity to undermine the peace and stability of the region, stressing that war is not good.
She further indicated that during the war it was President George Weah who was carrying the flag of Liberia around the world, at the time he was playing football while serving as UNIEF Goodwill Ambassador. According to her the Liberian president than good will ambassador was visited various areas speaking on the significant of peace and encouraging the young people to disarm.
She at the same time disclosed that the George Weah Peace Prize was Launch in 2018 at which time President Weah presented the winner the messenger of Peace the amount of one million Liberian dollars.
Madam Endee further disclosed that in October of this year KUKATURNON Guinea will celebrate its Peace Festival and in November Sierra Leone will conclude the celebrations.
Also speaking was the president of the rural women of Liberia Montserrado Country Korpo Howard who expressed gratitude to Amb. Juli Endee for her efforts of organizing such an event intended to unite women in the Mano River region through the KUKATURNON Peace Festival.
She urged the women to prayer for Amb Endee so that God will grant many years upon her life. She said it was through Amb Endee that top Government officials recognized the rural women of Liberia.
During the event the Representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who is the County inspector of Margibi Kpakanuy Gbankpah described Ambassador Juli Endee as a woman who likes to see things done in a peaceful way.
According to him during the 14 years civil war President George Weah then football player was carrying the flags of Liberia around the World, Amb. Endee was also carrying the flag of Liberia through the culture in disseminating messages of peace around Liberia and the world.
He urged the Liberia Traditional Queen and Culture Ambassador to keep on her hard work, in maintaining the peace and stability.
At the ended of the conference Ivory Cost, head of delegation including Guinea, Sierra Leone, extolled Ambassador Endee for highlighting those critical issues including drugs affecting the Manor River countries.
The three Manor River countries delegation spoke against journalist providing misinformation stressing that such needs to stop in their respective countries.
According to them if the journalist is not professional the union will revoke the permit of that journalist or individual, which would prevent said person from practicing.