WIPNET Receives $1 Million

- As Winner of 2019 George Weah Peace Prize

WIPNET Receives $1 Million
- As Winner of 2019 George Weah Peace Prize
The Women in Peace Building Network (WIPNET) has officially received 1 million Liberian Dollars as the winner of the 2019 George Weah Peace Prize in Monrovia.
The George Weah Peace Prize is an annual award given through the KUKATURNON (We are One) Peace Festival to organizations that promote peace, reconciliation and security.
The Award is in recognition of President George Weah efforts and role-play in fostering peace in Liberia during the 14-year-civil conflict that destroyed thousands of lives and properties.
Speaking Saturday August 23, 2019 during the program marking official presentation of the George Weah 1 Million Liberian Dollars Peace Prize to the winner at the headquarters of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace in Monrovia, LCP Executive Director, Juli Endee extolled the organizers of the KUKATURNON and the George Weah Peace Prize for working overtime to ensure that the event was a success.
Given the historicity of the KUKATURNON Peace Festival, the traditional Queen said the KUKATURNON Peace Festival started 18 years ago during the leadership of former President Charles Taylor and up to now President George Weah, stressing that it will go beyond President Weah’s Administration.
According to her, 16 years ago Liberia signed the Accra Peace Accord that ended the Liberian Civil war during which time the Women in Peace Building Network played a very active role.
When people say WIPNET, I just smile because we were the women who sat in the front in Accra for the Peace Accord to be singed. The Liberia Culture Ambassador said WIPNET played major role and still continue maintaining the peace.
According to her the KUKATURNON Peace Festival has another program called the Mano River Union Women Conference, highlighting that every year they will organize the KUKATURNON Peace Festival, noting that they will have the Mano River Women Conference where women will share their experiences from the various MRU countries, which she said could help in maintaining peace in their respective countries. Queen Juli said part of the experiencing sharing would concentrate on health, drugs abuse, domestic violence, among others.
She further disclosed that the KUKATURNON Peace Festival has been accepted and adopted in the MRU countries for the sake of protecting the peace and stability of the MRU Region.
Madam Endee said other MRU countries would shortly conduct KUKATURNON Peace Festival, indicating that all started from Liberia.
She challenged Liberians to stop branding all of Liberia’s activities as negative, noting that there are a lot of positive values that Liberia is contributing to the Region and the World.
People try to paint everything about Liberia negatively but there are positive things about Liberia, there are more good things coming to Liberia than bad things, there are more good people in Liberia than bad people. How can we say we are peace maker than we say to the world do not support Liberia, if we say do not support Liberia then, you are not showing patriotism and leadership. It is not about Government because the Government refers to you, to me and the rest of you sitting here, she indicated.
She further agreed that there are issues that the country is faced with but disagreed with those Liberians who are calling on the International Community to stop supporting Liberia.
Amb. Endee and those who assemble during the program called on the international community not to give ears to those who are calling on them not to support Liberia.

Presenting the Georg Weah Peace prize to the winner Woman in Peace Building Network was the Minister of Gender Children and Social Protection Williametta Saydee-Tarr who told the gathering that President George Weah asked her to deputize on his behalf due to some other major national engagements.
She disclosed that the Peace Prize winner has worked over the years to ensure that the country is peaceful through their prayers.
Minister Saydee-Tarr urged Liberians never to embrace any one calling for the country to return to war, noting that no matter the political differences never will Liberia retune to war.
The Gender Boss further said that the rise up that some Liberians are calling for should be in the area of peace and stability of the country.
She said President George Weah is concerned about peace in Liberia and does not support any form of violence.
The Gender Boss further disclosed that President Weah always encourages dialog at all times in every situation, be it abuse to his mother or relating to himself from critics.
She said Liberia needs such a leader who has the humble heart who is willing to meet his critics on the roundtable in finding a solution to any problem.

Receiving the 1 Million Liberian dollars as winner of the George Weah Peace prize was the National Coordinator of Women in Peace Building Network Belphie Morris who extolled the Liberia Crusaders for Peace and the KUKATURNON Peace Festival for recognizing the work of the Women in Peace Building Network in Liberia and the West African Region.
According to her the award was the first major recognition from the Liberia Government.
She praised President George Weah for his efforts to promote peace and stability of the Country including the support toward the peace prize.
She committed the organization to protecting the peace and stability of the country but was quick to point out that they will not compromise any issue that will violate the rights of women and other abusive act perpetuated by heartless men.
Madam Morris said the women have the ability to mitigate any form of violence and ensure that the country is peaceful among.