COP Announces New Protest

Mobilizes 200,000 Citizens To Demand President Weah’s Resignation

COP Announces New Protest
Mobilizes 200,000 Citizens To Demand President Weah’s Resignation
The Council of Patriots (COP) has announced a new effort to mobilize 200, 000 (two hundred thousand) people in Liberia to demand the resignation of President George Manneh Weah.
The COP is a conglomerations of opposition political parties and civil society organizations that organized the famous 2019 June 7 protest that claimed the attention of the world.
Making the pronouncement yesterday, the spokesperson, Henry Costa said President Weah and his government officials are not only corrupt but also unable to effectively run the affairs of the State. Costa said they are mobilizing resources from the United States of America to mobilize and transport people from across the country to remain in the streets of Monrovia until President Weah resigns.
“The money is not coming from Liberia, we are mobilizing resources from the United States of America and we will bring it to Liberia to hire buses and cook food for the people that will come out in the streets to protest”, Costa said.
It can be recalled mid this year, COP presented a position statement with several counts to the government of Liberia. The COP among other things demanded the dismissal of Samuel D. Teaweh as Finance Minister, Nathanial McGill as Minister of State, Jefferson Koijee as City Mayor and Nathaniel Patray as Central Bank Governor and prosecutes them for what they called corruption. COP also asked President Weah to take practical steps to reduce the economic hardship in the country.
The government in an apparent response recently organized the National Economic Dialogue that brought together people from diverse backgrounds to brainstorm on finding solutions to the economic meltdown.
Some of the key recommendations from the dialogue include the establishment of war and economic crime-court to prosecute warlords of the fourteen year-civil wars and the printing of new Liberian dollar bank notes.
The government is yet to make any official statement in response to the new pronouncement coming from COP.
COP pronouncement immediately started gaining momentum when Henry Costa, the host of the Costa show opened telephone lines to gauge the views of the public. A female caller who was the first on the line, followed by several others, said she was ready to join the protest and at same time encouraged others to do the same.
Costa in his rather sentimental presentation told his listeners that the solution to the hardship in the country was to force President Weah to resign through a nonstop street protest. Costa named Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, and Algeria as examples of countries where citizens succeeded toppling their governments by perpetual protests.
Street protests and constant agitation marked the inception of President Weah’s regime. The country is currently going through critical economic recession, which has forced government to cut civil servant salaries through a means they called salary harmonization and increased tariff on local mobile phone calls that has compelled mobile companies to end the famous three days free call promotion that was so helpful to ordinary Liberians.
With this new pronouncement of mass protest, where is Liberia headed?