NLA Board Chair Doubts Audit Report -

AS GAC Seeks Account For US 2.7 M

NLA Board Chair Doubts Audit Report
- AS GAC Seeks Account For US 2.7 M
The Chairman of the Board of Directors T. Titus Charley of the National Lottery Authority says he is not aware of any audit report by the General Auditing commission indicting the entity’s reinstated Director General Martin Kollie and others and at same time described media publications syndical. The office of the Vice President has an over sight responsibility to NLA. The Board Chairman T. Titus Charley is the Chief of Office Staff in the Office of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor.
The clarification by the Board followed syndicate publications in some local dailies, quoting reliable sources that the GAC has concluded and published its findings of the financial and transitional activities of the NLA covering the years 2016-2019, revealing that millions of United States Dollars cannot be accounted for.
But NLA’s Board Chairman T. Titus Charlie said while the Board is concern about this purported report the basis upon which it being reported is questionable.
Mr. Charlie therefore maintained that the Board is not in the know of the purported audit report, stating that at no time was he ever contacted by the GAC on said audit process concerning the NLA.
According to him, the Board is however convening a major meeting Thursday, September 12, 2019, with the objective of adhering to the Executive Mansion’s recent mandate to reinstate Mr. Kollie as Director General of the NLA.
A release quotes Mr. Charlie as saying that the issue on the purported GAC’s Audit report will also be discussed. All efforts to reach Mr. Charlie to inquire about yesterday board’s meeting failed.
However, the communication Director, Edwin Clarke of GAC has confirmed that the General Auditing Commission just ended audit of the NLA, but reclined to further comment on the content of the report. According to a reliable source, GAC is seeking account for a little over 2.7 million US. The GAC audit covers 2016- 2019.