Strange Disease Attacks Little Steven

-Parents Send SOS Call To Rescue His Life

The parents of an eight (8) year old child, who suffers from a strange disease, are calling on humanitarian organizations and people of good will including President Weah and First Lady Clar Weah to help little Steven seeks medical attention outside of Liberia.
Little Steven Mulbah lives with grandma Korpo in the Cow Field Community. Grandma Korpo is raided and frustrated over the health condition of her grandson.
It was an emotional scene when grandma Korpo broke down in tears while narrating the ordeal of little Mulbah. She said, “I have suffered with this child from the day of his birth up to now. Sometimes when the disease gets ready for him, we do not sleep but have sleepless nights.”
For her part, the mother of little Steven, Madam Evelyn Gbelee said since she gave birth in 2012 , her sick child started to experience itches on his body.
“Whenever those itches appeared on him, I will take him to a clinic or hospital for treatment, but the only medication we have ever received and used is oilmen,” she indicated.
She said that the health condition of her son has caused her to visit lots of hospitals and clinics in Liberia and the results have not been good for her family.
We have taken him to various Hospitals including JFk, Catholic, Benson, Florida Clinic, and many other health facilities without any results up to now.
According to her, the recent hospital they visited was the Firestone Hospital where the doctor informed them that the sickness can only be treated outside of Africa.
Expressing frustration over the illness of her child, she lamented that her son neither goes to school or plays with his friends nor eats with other people because of his health condition.
“I am calling on the first Lady, our ma and other people who will help me save the life of my eight year old boy,” Evelyn said, as she wept. Meanwhile, Womenvoices Newspaper has obtained this contact number +231-77581134 from the family of little Steven for humanitarian assistance.
Also speaking was a resident of the Cow-Field Junction Community Anthony Tamba, whose wife is a health worker, said the family used to visit his wife for treatment, but when they noticed that the disease was strange, he said he told his wife that it was vital that they take the photo of the adding child and post it on the social media for people to come to help the child recover from such a difficult constrain.
He further indicated that from the posting of the photos people started providing donation of cash to the family.
Mr. Tamba expressed gratitude and appreciation to those who provided cash or other materials for the family, but stressed that what the family needs most is for their child to be treated, something that prompted him to called on President George Weah and philanthropic to come to the aid of the family as a means of helping to save the life of the child .