Lesbianism Grips JJ Roberts

-Five Female Students Expelled

The Administration of J.J. Roberts Methodist High School has expelled five students from the school for allegedly engaging in acts of lesbianism. The Administration on Monday January 28, 2018 took the decision after an Emergency Board meeting held on the school’s campus located 12th Street, Sinkor, Monrovia. According to report the authorities expelled the five females for engaging in the acts on the campus.
JJ Roberts is one of several premier missionary schools that the Methodist Church uses to teach Christian morality and values to install decency in the young generation. The practice of lesbianism runs contrary to Christian Principles. According to the Dean of Students, Mr. Dolo Mulbah, the alleged acts of the students violate the rules of the school. “Since the establishment of the school, this has been the first case of lesbianism and they have been penalized for this act,’’ he disclosed.
The Dean said further action to deal with the person that posted the pictures of the girls kissing each other on the internet had also been dealt with. The Administrator said the school administration has taken these steps to deter other students intending to engage in the act.
Meanwhile, the administration has taken a precautionary measure to curtail future incident of the unacceptable act. Dolo said the school has put in place measures to ensure that such an immoral act does not take place again on the school campus.
He said most of the time before students enter the school building, they undergo thorough screening to detect drugs and other electronic devices that may seem harmful to the students learning process,
Dolo said the school has in the period of 2 years from 2016 to 2018 suspended sixteen students for being in possession of drugs and other harmful substances.
The students expelled for the practice of same sex on the school campus are believed to teenagers, below the age of consent. Wakie Smith, Esther F Nyanti, Mercy Slanger, Samah Siryon, and Asatu Diallo are of the 11th grade class of the J.J. Roberts Methodist High School in Sinkor are expelled students who were allegedly involved in the practice of same sex marriage. With prevalence of these ugly practices of drugs abuse and immorality, what can be said about the future of Liberia?