Armed Robbers Roam Free Port Community

Unleashed Terror On Several

By: Lauretta B.Cisse, Cop Reporter
Residents of the Free Port Community continue to be terrorized by armed gang armed with knives, cutlasses, sticks and deadly Weapons. According to this paper’s investigation, the marauding armed men’s uncivilized act have instilled total fear among residents of the community and its environs.
Over the weekend, the residents came under attack and their homes were raided by the mad armed men who forcibly took away belongings including money, cellphones, among others.
Several of the armed robbers’ victims narrating their ordeal are appealing to officers of the Liberia National Police to take what they referred to as the necessary measure aimed at bringing the uncontrollable wave of armed robbery activities in the community.
One of the armed robbery’s victims, a businessman Abraham Korma narrated that he and others were attacked on Saturday morning while they were at sleep.
“They placed us under gunpoint and looted our valuables” korma said.
According to him, the armed gangsters besides forcibly taking away their personal effects tortured them with cutlasses in a bid to force money out of them.
Korma: “They threatened to kill my wife after she refused to give them money,” he further indicated.
The businessman equally narrated that they severely tortured his wife and put her under duress and took from her the amount of LD $200,000.
Speaking further, Korma said his brother’s family was also victimized, saying his brother’s daughter was threatened to be killed with cutlass.

Miss Anastasia Morris, a community dweller who lives around the family told reporters that when the robbers are coming in the night, they usually come naked in order not to be caught.
Other victims likewise expressed similar concern about the alarming signal of armed robbery activities in the Free Port Community and are calling on the Government through the Ministry of Justice and the Liberia Nation Police to provide them with proper security so as to rescue them from the hands of the marauding armed gangsters.