A Man Brutalizes His Wife for Girlfriend

Sues for properties, Abandon Children

The wife of a Liberian Civil Engineer, Margret Devine who is a Ghanaian national is calling on women advocacy group and the authority of the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection including the Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia to come to her aid by intervening on her behalf to save her and children lives from the inhumane treatment perpetrated by her husband Sidney Devine.
According to Madam Devine she and her husband have been married for the past 12 years happily with three girl children until 2018 when her husband Sidney Devine started sleeping out and later requested her to leave the house that they built in the Du port Road Community in Paynesville.
“We got married traditionally in Ghana and after our wedding my husband father presented a land deed to him with a request that we return to Liberia and develop the land, a request that my husband Sidney Devine and I accepted and we came to Liberia today we have built houses on the land and he and his family are asking me and my children out of the house without any benefit,” she lamented.
Madam Devine told our reporter that all of her business money was used for the investment in the properties that included two houses.
Speaking to our reporter in Paynesville over the weekend Madam Devine disclosed that she was informed her husband Sidney Devine has arranged to turn the properties over to his little sister, a decision Madam Devine says she seriously rejects.
“Even though the properties are built on their family land, but their father encouraged me to develop the land when he presented the deed to us in Ghana and we used my business money to build the houses, I need my fair share of the properties”, Madam Devine said with a gloomy face of hopelessness.
Narrating further Madam Devine said as a means to get her out of the properties her husband and family sued her in the Civil law Court of the sixth Judicial Circuit of Montserrado County.
She further disclosed that while her husband family took the matter to court, Mr. Devine has abandoned her and the children since December 2018 .
“He told me that he has new woman and every time he will come to the house and fussing and beating on me, and has even refused to pay the children school fees, saying that if he gives money for the children I will eat some. We are suffering, your need to come to my help,” she narrated.
Mr. Devine along with his family is apparently over turning the wish of his ailing father who is speechless by protracted ailment. Madam Devine said her husband has moved out to a girlfriend but regularly returns home for things like furniture and television, and when she attempts stopping him, she said, he beats on her unmercifully. She also indicated that her security is under threat as her husband is determined to victimize her .
When contacted by our reporter, Mr. Devine said he would not response to the allegation because, he said the matter is in court.