For Sex

Boyfriend Shoots Girlfriend To Death In Grand Gedeh

A 35 year old woman only identified as ‘Baby Girl’ has reportedly been shot to death by her boyfriend Lawrence Toe with a single barrel shotgun in Grand Gedeh County. The incident recently took place in Geewon, lower Grand Gedeh.

The reports say the incident occurred recently in the bush where they had gone on a hunting expedition.
According to residents of the area, the shooting of the 35 year-old lady was prompted by her refusal to have sex with her boyfriend in the bush.
Alex Krejardiah, a hunter who was also in the team, said after the lady was shot, they managed to intervene, and met her crying and asking them for help.
He said ‘Baby Girl’ explained in detail what transpired between them to the two hunters before she died.
After shooting his girlfriend, the alleged perpetrator attempted to shoot his colleagues who went on the scene, threatening that if anyone made a move he would shoot them too; but he later escaped into the bush.

Meanwhile, family members of the deceased and residents of the area are calling on the community and nearby towns and villages, as well as the Liberia National Police to find and bring the alleged perpetrator to bock.