Liberia Labor Congress Women Observe IWD

- Calls for equal space

Liberia Labor Congress Women Observe IWD
- Calls for equal space

The Liberia Labor Congress women Committee and the National Coordinating Women Committee of the International Transport Workers Federation in Collaboration with Solidarity Center over the weekend celebrated international women day with a called to stop sexual harassment at work places and other abuses.
Giving the overview of the all-important event the Chairperson of the National Women Committee of the Liberia Labor Congress Jackie Doe said the World belongs to the woman and they need equal opportunity at all work places.
Madam Doe said the objective of the International Women Day’s is to demonstrate the potential of women, indicating that the women are not running competition with their male counterparts but are requesting from them space for women to obtain their true potential in every sector.
According to her, what a man can do, a woman can do the same, highlighting that if a man can become president a woman can become president and even do better in leadership.
She further narrated that the event was also intended to showcase those women who have strived in achieving their goals from a low level to the top of any sector through commitment.
Madam Doe told the women that the forum was also intended for them to explain their success stories as a means for other women to get motivated and emulate such achievements.
She narrated that the day was not only for those in top positions of Government or any entity but also for the grass rooters including market women, women who are doing small business, to educate them about the significant of the day in the life of women.
Madam Doe further said they at the Labor Congress will celebrate the International Women’s Day from March 8 to 22, 2019.
She also used the occasion to call on President George Weah to focus on the Liberia Labor Congress because it is the only home for the workers of Liberia.
Also speaking was the Chairman of the Transport Workers Federation Coordinating Committee, Dave Seneh said most of the women in Liberia seeking education are engaged into the arts at various universities, but on the other hand, he said, when they attend international conferences women with in those countries are involved with technical skills.
Mr. Seneh used the event to called on Liberian women to develop interest in obtaining technical skills that will help them to jet employment opportunity rapidly across the country.
He further encouraged the women of Liberia not to relent in striving to compete with their male counterparts in every sector of employment.