June 7 Protest Shutdown Monrovia

June 7 Protest Shutdown Monrovia

Monrovia experienced shutdown on Friday June 7, 2019 as thousands of Protesters under the auspices of the Council of Patriots, the organizers of a peaceful protest against the Ruling Coalition of Democratic Change CDC Government headed by Africa Soccer Legend George Weah.

The Government has been under fire by numbers of political critics since President Weah ascendency to power in less than 17 months Since it transitions to power, the apparent economic hardship and level of poverty in the Country has increased sharply, a situation protesters blamed on government failure to deliver needed services to its people.

The protesters led by the Council of Patriots are demanding the Resignation of a few top Government officials including Central Bank Governor Nathaniel Patry, Finance Development and Planning Minister Samuel Tweah, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee and the Minister of Presidential affair Nathaniel McGill, who they said are the prime cause of the Growing Economic hardship and tension within the Country.
The “Save the State” organizers want Government are to address issues of corruption that is causing tremendous hardship in the Country sacking those listed among others immediately as they are the ones damaging the Country.
Some peaceful demonstrators held placards reading: “We are tired of suffering and we want better living conditions, bring our Money back.”
Others wordings call for the Resignation of top government officials.
Others read, “We want Justice into the death of Odell Sherman”.
" Mr. President we need the War Crime Court, Mr. President you ate our Money and Jump into our Reserve”, among other things.
The environment was politically charged with people dancing, singing anti-government Song “Corruption free Liberia.”
Many expected and predated possible clashes between state security and protesters judging from Liberia’s immediate past of traumatic experience of violence conflict, but it was peaceful as demonstrators matched in the Streets of Monrovia to the capitol Building.
The Protest disrupted normal activities, Schools, stores, Supermarket, businesses were all closed, despite Government pronouncement that schools and businesses must remain open, promising maximum Security to its people.

The Protesters, under the Guidance of the Council of Patriots, where told to present their petition to vice president Jewel Howard Taylor, but the Liberia Vice president failed to show up, to receive the petition statement, because of some illness condition, something the protesters frowned at and had to delayed the process calling for intervention of ECOWAS, who then appealed to the Council of Patriots through its Ambassador Babatunde Ajisamo.
The protesters however, did not present the petition on demand of the release of five of its members who where detained by the Liberia National Police for Violence Conduct on Wednesday, during an incident involving a Member of the Council of patriots and Montserrado County District 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah. The Police had counts against Hon.Kolubah for ordering the alleged beating of one Freeman in the District, and wanted him arrested, a situation that sparked violent in the District and supporters of the lawmaker resisted his turnover to the Liberia National Police.

Writes Emmanuel wise Jipoh