Guest found dead at Palm Spring Resort

Guest found dead at Palm String Hotel

Residents of Congo Town Back Road woke up Thursday morning at around 5am to learn disturbing news of the death of a Palm Spring Hotel guest.
The deceased identified only by her first name Yuenno was apparently bleeding a lot from her nose and continuously vomiting hours before her death, according to investigative reports.

Reliable sources close to the investigation stated that alleged foul play has not been ruled out as a cause of the lady death.
However Police spokesman, Moses Carter confirmed that the Liberia National Police is conducting an investigation regarding the death of a guest at Palm Spring Resort, which is located in Congo Town, opposite the residence of ex -Liberian President Charles G. Taylor.

He declined to further comment on the controversy surrounding Yuenno death, but added, I do not want to prejudice the ongoing investigation by the Police.

In a related development, our source made reference to another death allegedly linked to Palm Spring Resort a few years ago when a senior staff member of Palm Spring Resort named Zohir Mousa met his untimely demise when he was supposedly sent to Buchanan on a business trip, by the owner of Palm Spring Resort, Mr. Najib Kamand.

Reports also indicate that the Lebanese cultural union and other Lebanese groups are still concerned and shocked about the controversial demise of their late colleague, Zohir Mousa who was an alleged shareholder of Palm spring.

The Lebanese national who served as manager of the Palm Spring Hotel, final autopsy death report is yet to be released by the Liberian Police and the Lebanese police also, since his body was taken to Lebanon for examination and subsequent burial.
It has been alleged that after his death, Najib Kamand mandated that the name of his late business partner and friend should be removed from Palm Spring article of incorporation, as a shareholder.

Howbeit, now years later, the forensic section of the Liberian National Police is currently probing yet another mysterious death associated with the same Palm Spring Resort hotel.
Apparently Yuenno stay at Palm Spring Hotel was based on an invitation from a Nigerian national who reportedly works for Gobet231 owned by Palm Springs Resort.
It is alleged this Gobet231 technician supplied Yuenno some drugs that may have been the cause of her nose bleed and ultimately her death.
Many residents and guests have always shown concerns over the many alleged suspicious activities carried out during the late hours of the night at this hotel.

It is also alleged that this is the meeting point for all sorts of questionable cash deals and irregular transactions.
Meanwhile, an elderly resident of Congo Town, Martha Coleman stated that they are only interested in a speedy and fair probe regarding the conflicting reports about Yuenno death at Palm Spring Resort, and more importantly, an investigation that should include the hotel owner, Najib Kamand who is allegedly always in the news for controversial reasons.
However, Palm Spring Resort’ management said, it cannot speak to the death of one of the hotel guests because the Liberia National police is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of that female whose lifeless body was found in one of their hotel rooms.
Meanwhile, the investigation continues.

Writes staff reporter