LNP Charged Yekeh Kolubah with Multiple Offenses - While 20 Others Languish Behind Bars

LNP Charged Yekeh Kolubah with Multiple offense

The Liberia National Police has charged Montserrado County, District 10 lawmaker, Hon. Yekeh Kolubah, for terroristic threat and criminal facilitation.

The LNP, at the same time arrested, investigated and charged suspects Abu Keita, 21, Oliver C. Konneh, 47, Mohammed A. Kabba, 34, Johnson Kpor, 21, Varmu Kolubah, 30 and Mohammed S. Kabba, 38 with Aggravated Assault and Felonious Restraint, for allegedly inflating bodily injuries on a man identified as Emmanuel Freeman in the Gaye Town Community, Old Road.

The six suspects were picked up on June 5, 2019, upon a distress call for victim Freeman who Police respondents met lying under a market table opposite suspect Kolubah house naked, handcuffed, with wounds on his head and bruises on his body.

The victim, who was allegedly tortured and flogged allegedly by Yekeh personal bodyguards in a bleeding condition, was immediately rushed to the John F. Kennedy Hospital for admittance and medical treatment as suspect Yekeh Kolubah private security guards were seeing in an active aggression mode.

According to police preliminary investigation, group of guys riding on board a white Nissan pick -up belonging to Suspect Yekeh Kolubah were seeing distributing leaflets and T -Shirts relative to June 7 “Save the State protest.

It was further established that, victim Freeman got threatened by the suspects for refusing to receive said T -Shirts and leaflets on grounds that the financiers of the T-Shirts must be part of the protest along with their entire families, something which triggered them of coming after him at a cane juice shop owned by a lady only identified as Naomi.

According to Police investigative findings coupled with evidence produced during police probe, the LNP charged the suspects with the commission of the crimes Terroristic Threat, Criminal Facilitation, Aggravated Assault and Felonious Restraint and has since forwarded them to Court for trial.

Terroristic Threat and Criminal Facilitation are in violation of Chapter14 and 10, section 14.24 and section 10.2. While Aggravated Assault and Felonious Restraint are in violation of Chapter 14 Subchapter B Section 14.20 and Subchapter C section 14.51 of the revised Penal Code of the Republic of Liberia.
Meanwhile, the LNP has also investigated, charged and sent to Court suspects Lawrence Mulbah, 30, John Mccrity, 44, Bola Kolubah, 40, Willie Nyuman Bombo, 30, for alleged Aggravated Assault, Rioting, Failure to disperse, Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing Highway and Public Passages. Others are Layto Yealue, 28, Bioma Bojah, 30, Jeremiah E. P. Davis, 30, Alphonso Chea, 24, Rebecca Zelee, 32, Saah Eric Tamba, 38, Adolphus Z. Johnson, 18, Levi Blackie, 38, Prince Sirleaf, 18, and Williamka Bamgai, 30.

The suspects who were arrested on June 5, 2019 are residents of Old Road, believed to be supporters of Hon. Yekeh Kolubah and students of the University of Liberia. They were also seen on the main street between the Police Headquarters and the University of Liberia singing battle cry and slogans in solidarity of their leader who was invited by the Liberia National Police for questioning on alleged charges of flogging. The suspects, while on the street prevented vehicles and movement of pedestrians.

The Police, while performing their statutory duty, encountered stones throwing and roadblocks that prevent free movement allegedly by students of UL and supporters of Hon. Kolubah. In the process, four officers assigned at the Police Support Unit PSU sustained serious bodily injuries that resulted to one of the officers tooth been removed. Due to the severity of the officers’ wounds, they were rushed for medical treatment.

During preliminary investigation, the suspects denied all allegations levied against them. They further told investigators that, they were on boarded vehicles colored white and black, which took them from Old Road to the Police Headquarters.
According Police investigative findings along with evidence deduced, the suspects have been duly charged with the crimes “Aggravated Assault, Rioting, Failure to Disperse, Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing Highway and Public passage, acts which violate Chapter 14 and 17, subchapter A section 14.20, 17.1, 17.3 and 17.7 of the revised Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia and have sine been forwarded to court for trial.